How to Fix Lotus Notes Error 4005 access to Data Denied

Sumatyee | July 27th, 2016 | Lotus Notes

IBM Lotus Notes – A Group-ware software also known as desktop email client that connects the modern business world . It offers collaborative client-server environment where IBM Notes and IBM Domino are client and server respectively. It helps to : Manage Personal information , File Sharing , Manage Address book , Access Notes emails from portable devices such as mobile ,Use Email Service . However IBM Lotus encounters some error which prevent user to work. One such type of issue is known as access to data denied error with code 4005. In this article I am describing causes of lotus domino error 4005 and Solutions to fix it .

Overview of Lotus Notes error code 4005

Lotus Notes Error 4005 access to Data Denied’ problem is the most occurring error. Many a time users encounters this issue while working in Notes and they are halted by the error. Error 4005 mainly occurs when users attempt to create new memo or open a mail file. Below are the scenarios discussed due to which error occurs :

1. User try to create a file in data directory error message is prompted as shown in figure :


2. User open emails error occurs as shown below :


3.  Any User create a  new Mail memo error “Access to data denied” occurs:

Causes of Notes error 4005

1. Lack of Administrative Permission

Administrator’s account does not have the rights to create files in the directory then Notes Error 4005 occurs .


2. Lack of Free Disk Space on PC

Too many temporary files are created and little free space on the drive where the Windows Virtual Memory is located


3. Virus infected Incoming Emails
Error alert message is displayed when incoming email messages are infected by Netsky.D virus .

4. Running Out-dated Operating System :
Error message displayed when Out-dated version OS is used .


5. Error can occurs because of Digital Signature Preference which is set to Image or HTML file

Resolving Lotus Notes Error 4005 access to Data Denied:

1. Change the”Location for Storing ID” to a path where the administrator has the rights to create files .

Follow steps to fix Notes Error 4005 :

1. As Domino Administrator login ,the click the People & Groups tab.
2. From the Servers pane, choose the server to work from.
3. Select Domino Directory, and select People.
4. From the Tools pane, click People – Register.
5. Click ID INFO tab in left pane and “Under Location for storing user ID “  –
 click “set file” – To change the location of user ID file .


2. Running virus removal tools resolve the issue.

3. Follow steps to fix Lack of Free Disk Space Problem on PC
a) Clean out the temporary files from C:\Windows\Temp directory .

b) Clear the free space on the drive or increase the disk space by following:

1.  Right click My Computer and choose Manage— Storage—Disk Management .
2.  Select the adjacent disk of the “disk” you want to extend , right click and choose Shrink Volume  to create free disk space.
3.  Select the disk you want to extend , right click and choose “Extend Volume” option to increase the disk space .

4. Update the Operating system compatible with Lotus Notes Email client . Change the digital signature to simple text .

 Alternatively Fix Lotus Notes Access to data denied error :

Error 4005 can corrupt the file used by Lotus notes to save emails .To save time and for saving important data use NSF to Outlook PST Converter Utility to Move from Lotus Notes environment to Outlook . As Outlook Interface is easy to handle and using tool data can be migrated with just few clicks and demo version is freely available to download .