SecuraSoft Access Database Viewer


Microsoft Access MDB / ACCDB viewer is an excellent standalone portable tool to open & read .accdb & .mdb files without the support of MS Access. It also supports to open MDF file which is the Access older version file format. ACCDB file format is created in Microsoft Access 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016.

  • Open & View MDB / Accdb files without Microsoft Access installation.
  • Provides preview of Complete database along with Table contents
  • Scan and Load the Access database file after adding to accdb viewer.
  • Support to view mdb & accdb file of all Access versions
  • Support to Windows 10 & all earlier versions.

Windows 10 support

100% Safe & Secure

Detailed Features of SecuraSoft Access Database ACCDB / MDB Viewer

read mdb / accdb files

Scan Database Automatically

The selected database file by Microsoft Access Database Viewer is automatically gets scanned and loaded in the software to provide its preview. This MDB Viewer tool can open & give preview the database of any size as there is no limitation on file size.

read corrupt access

Preview Corrupted Database

Access database file viewer has an advanced technique which provides the preview of access corrupted database MDB or Accdb file also. There is no issue if the selected file to open and read is healthy or corrupted less or high).


Preview Database without Installation of Access

The database file MDB or ACCDB can be easily opened and viewed without need the installation of Microsoft Access. This accdb viewer is a standalone tool so that there is no requirement of any external applications to open & read the access database file.

open mdb and accdb

Open & View MDB & ACCDB

This software allows to open and view access database MDB & ACCDB files. It supports for all versions of Microsoft Access 2016 / 2013 / 2010 / 2007 / 2003 as MDB file belongs to the older versions and for the new versions accdb is supported.

database table

Preview Database Table Contents

The selected database consisting tables will be previewed completely with all column names and its values. The preview of consisting tables lists will be displayed on the left panel and by double clicking on the table name, the complete preview of table contents will be shown.

user interface

Simple User Interface

The Interface of software is very simple so that it can be easily handled by its users. Every functions is very well defined in such a way that even a non technical user can also run the software smoothly.

Working Video for Access Database MDB Viewer Software

Preview the Complete Video of Product to know the functionality

online video

Screenshots Presentation

View the Images of Freeware Access Database Viewer Tool Interface

Technical Brief

What is MS Access Database?

MS Access is a database management system which stores data in its own format based on the access jet database engine. There are many associated file formats of MS Access such as accdb, accde, accdt, accdr, mdb and much more. Two file formats associated to storing database is :- .mdb & .accdb

Versions of Microsoft Access: 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002 and older

Support file format in MS Access Database 2003 & earlier: .mdb file

Supported file format in MS Access Database 2007, 2010 & later: .accdb file

What is the need of Access Database Viewer Tool?

  • The MDB file created in Access 2003 & earlier versions cannot be opened in new editions of Access database. MDB viewer tool allows to view the contents in the database file of older versions of Access.
  • The ACCDB file created in Microsoft Access 2007 & later does not supported to open in earlier versions of Access database. This Access accdb viewer supports to view all the contents of accdb file.
  • Microsoft Access MDB / ACCDB viewer also supports to open and read corrupt database file.