Procedure of Working

Working Steps of Product

  • Download, Install and Launch the software.

    run software
  • Click on Open to select desired DMG file.

    browse file
  • Choose the DMG file which you want to access in the software.

    select file
  • Select the folder or file from the hierarchy in which the data is present so to get the preview of data.

    choose list item
  • Select the item from the lists to open and get its preview.

  • In File Properties tab, all the details like AttachmentType, attributes, creation date etc is displayed.

    file properties
  • The DMG file preview will be shown under File tab.

    file preview
  • By clicking on the name of attachment, the attachment can also be previewed.

    preview attachment
  • In this example, this is the preview of attachment.

  • The EML file is shown below.

    preview mails
  • Log file preview is shown below.

    log file
  • Using this software, the images can also be opened as shown below:

    image file
  • Under the Hex tab, the hex view can be previewed.

    hex preview
  • By using the search bar, the specific files can be searched by typing name or extension.

  • By selecting the folder, and typing the file extension and clicking on the search button, all the results lists will be displayed.

    search results
  • There is a option to apply filters also such as date filters.

    apply filters
  • Right click on the added file to close, expand & collapse files.

    other options