SecuraSoft PFC File Viewer


SecuraSoft – PFC File Viewer is the newest application developed on users demand to open PFC files without AOL (American Online). This exclusive AOL PFC File Viewer is a Free Tool to Open, Read and View PFC (Personal File Cabinet) Emails along with the all attachments and Email Headers.

  • Freely available software to Open PFC Files without AOL application
  • To View or Read PFC files, Installation of AOL is not required
  • Customize PFC Emails view via Date wise, Size wise or Alphabetical order
  • Save PFC file attachments and offer several options to view them
  • Auto Search and Easy to use Interface add up worth to PFC File Viewer

MBOX file viewer

Windows 10 support

Aol Desktop 9 Support

MS Outlook 2016

100% Safe & Secure

Key Properties of AOL PFC File Viewer

open pfc mails

Open Unlimited PFC Emails with Attachments

Once all the emails load into the software PFC File Viewer allows you to open each mail separately with its complete details. Complete Message Body, To, CC, BCC, Subject, Date, Size and attachments in detail view also you can save the attached file.

sort pfc mails

Sort Database via Email Header wise

Software to read PFC files will display entire database in email header wise for example PFC file viewer will divide the interface category wise like From, Subject, To, Sent, Received and Size. Click on the desired tab and view the complete information.

remove duplicate items

Open PFC Files without AOL

With this AOL PFC File Viewer user can read PFC Email without mode of American Online desktop Email application. User can view entire email database along with their any size of attachments, email header like To, CC, BCC and Subject.

Easiest UI

Compatible with Windows OS

Aol PFC File Viewer is smartly designed tool that offers all facility to open PFC files without Aol application. Tool is designed with simplest graphical user interface and supports windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and above versions.

Play the Video of AOL PFC Files Viewer

Watch the Software's Video to get Familiar with the Exclusive Properties

Screenshots Presentation

View the Screenshot of PFC Files Viewer to meet the Interface of Software

Technical Overview of Product

AOL PFC File Viewer is innovative idea to make the lives of email client user easier and independently. The software to read PFC Files will enable you to open the emails without the aid Of AOL application. AOL i.e. American Online is widely used email client in America, which creates PFC files to store the email database. PFC stands for Personal file cabinet and to open the content of PFC file, one needs to have the configuration of the AOL email client. But with the Freely available PFC File Viewer, there is no need to have the installation of AOL application and the user can open emails from anytime and anywhere.

Benefits of PFC Viewer

  • Free Tool to View & Open PFC File without installing Aol Software .
  • The tool shows all the emails along with properties such as "TO" ,"FROM","SUBJECT" ,"SIZE" .
  • View all the emails along with attachment.
  • User Friendly Interface .
  • Support Windows Operating System .