SecuraSoft MBOX to EML Converter

MBOX to EML Converter is a fully standalone utility, it assists the users to export MBOX files to EML format. This makes it easy for the users to switch from MBOX supported email application to some other application. However, the tool has the ability to migarte MBOX file of any email application to EML format without any hassle.

  • Batch Conversion from MBOX files to EML files.
  • Provides multiple naming convention options to save EML file.
  • Export MBOX File emails to EML along with associated Attachments.
  • Detect the location of configured email client data automatically.
  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows 10/ 8.1/ 8 and all below versions.

Windows 10 support

mozilla thunderbird

All MBOX Clients

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Peculiar Features of MBOX File To EML Converter

complete conversion of mbox files to eml

Export MBOX to EML Format in Batch

With the help of this MBOX to EML converter, a user can migrate MBOX files to EML format. It also allows users to convert multiple MBOX files to EML format in batch. Moreover, it recovers corrupt MBOX file and restores deleted emails also without any issue.

fatch location automatically

Automatically Detect Email Client

The MBOX to EML converter tool has the ability that it will automatically detect the MBOX supported email client on the system. A user need not to look for the MBOX file, just select the email client. The tool exports all data stored in that email application to EML format.

recover mbox file

Recover Emails Along with Attachments

In order to recover corrupt MBOX file, a user is suggested to use this MBOX to EML file Converter. It first recovers the MBOX file emails along with attachments and then, export it to EML format. In addition, it does not compromise the integrity of the data even after migration.

export selective items

Export Selective Items or Folders

A user can simply convert selective emails from the MBOX file without any trouble. One just needs to choose the emails and right-click on it to export it to desired EML file format. Moreover, a user can also check or uncheck the folders to migrate selective folders to EML format.

multiple naming option

Provide Multiple Naming Convention Option

While converting MBOX to EML format, the software provides an option to save the resultant EML file at any desired location. In addition, a user can choose a particular naming convention also to manage all exported emails in a simpler way. For example, save file as subject, DD-MM-YYY, MD5, Auto incremental, etc.

complete report

Generate Complete Progress Report

The Software generates the complete report containing all the details like source of conversion, data items like emails, contacts etc and the destination location all at one place. The progress of conversion process can also be seen in this report.

MBOX to EML File Converter Screenshots

Simple Product screenshot to convert MBOX to EML files

Product Presentation Via Video About MBOX File Items to EML

Software Visualization to explaining the complete process of MBOX to EML Conversion via Video

In order MBOX to EML Converter for Mac is designed to export MBOX file to EML format. It allows the users to transfer one or more Mac .mbox files to .eml format associated with email attachments. However, it offers a unique feature to retain the folder hierarchy, inline attachments, HTML formatting remain same even after performing the conversion from Mac MBOX data.This utility is only developed for Mac Operating system.

  • Allow to migrate multiple Mac MBOX files to EML format.
  • Maintains the integrated structure of mail during migration.
  • Retain the HTML Formatting & Inline Images in Email Body.
  • Compatible with Mac OSX 10.10 and its later version of Mac.
  • Offer File Naming Convention and Message Filtering features.

Mac Operating System


All MBOX Clients

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Impressive Features of Mac MBOX to EML Converter

complete conversion of mbox files to eml

Export MBOX File to EML

Mac MBOX to EML converter is programmed to render the successful conversion of emails from MBOX files to EML format on Mac machine. This software can easily transfer one or more emails into an individual EML type separately.

fatch location automatically

Move Multiple MBOX Data

The tool is capable to allow the users to perform file conversion of a large number of Mac MBOX files. Although a separate folder for each .mbox data files created if a user selects "Separate Folder" option and also creates one single folder for all Mac MBOX files.

support message property

Maintains Message Property

Each mail contains the message properties which include different information of every attribute such as cc, bcc, and other header information & attachments. Also it ensures to convert emails along with the retained properties.

apply date filter

Apply Date Filter Emails

Mac MBOX file to EML converter tool provides mail filtering option so that they can filter their emails from Mac MBOX according to the particular date range. Also, the users can filter all email messages to be kept for specific duration which is required.

allows naming convension

Offers Naming Convention

While saving each email the users can decide the naming pattern to save their emails as per the preferred date, subject, to, cc etc. Moreover, the software is capable to run on Mac OS 10.10 and their latest version. MBOX files are created from the specified operating system also.

maintain folder structure

Retain Integrity of Data

With MBOX mailbox to EML the users allow to maintain the folder structure, inline mail attachments, HTML formatting and all will remain same after performing the conversion from Mac MBOX to EML type. The folder structure is maintained while converting each email message to .eml format file.

important Screenshots about Mac MBOX Files to EML

Complete Working Procedure and Understand Migration process about MBOX Emails to EML file

Watch Live Video of Mac MBOX to EML Converter

Visualize the Software's Video to know exact process of MBOX file data into EML Conversion

MBOX to EML From Various Email Clients Given Below

apple mail to eml

Convert Apple Mail to EML

Apple Mail is very famous email client just as EML is also very famous file format that many email clients supports to import and export. This conversion keep to safe attachment during the migration from Apple mail to EML. If you need to approach the Mac Mail files on other email client then, you will have to realize that the EML file will be completely inaccessible due to compatibility issues thus, transition from Mac mail to EML file will be very beneficial for user.

entourage to eml

Export Entourage to EML

During the process of conversion software will preserve all the meta information of Entourage mail To, cc, bcc, attachments, messages body etc. No any special skills are required to perform the Entourage mailboxes to EML file. Entourage mac mail save all the emails in (.MBOX) files if you are using Entourage email to EML.

thunderbird to eml

Thunderbird Email to EML Migration

Convert single or multiple Thunderbird mail files into EML format. Thunderbird email client supports both POP and IMAP for converting Thunderbird mailbox data into EML file format with complete items. Now it is easy to import Thunderbird mail into EML. This utility has the simple user interface that’s makes you able to perform easily and simply from Thunderbird Mailbox to EML Conversion.

eudora email to eml

Eudora Emails to EML Converter

This Software allows the batch conversion of .mbx files to EML file format. It provides the option to select one mbx file at a time with option to select Eudora MBX file. The software will convert the email attachment even they are hundreds of them and also keeps them into integrated within the emails. It perfectly converts emails with all email address also stores data into desired location to perform easily & quickly.


Technical Overview of Product

MBOX: It is the most commonly used desktop-based emails client file format. It is supported by a number of email applications like Mozilla Thunderbird, Netscape, SeaMonkey, Eudora, etc. It is used to store all emails messages of a particular mailbox in one single file that can be opened using the editor.

EML files: It is another file format used to store email messages in Microsoft Outlook and some other email applications. It contains plain ASCII text for the email headers along with main message body, headers, hyperlinks and email attachments.

Need to Convert MBOX files to EML files

Most of the users are nowadays searching for the solution to export MBOX file to EML format. The main reason due to which users want to convert MBOX files to EML files format is that it less prone to corruption compared to others. Moreover, it helps in the case when a user needs to switch from Mac supporting email application to Windows OS. Thus, it becomes necessary for the users to export MBOX emails to EML file format.

MBOX to EML Converter is the foolproof, effortless solution to do the same. It supports MBOX file of all email application like Thunderbird, Eudora, Apple Mail etc. and migrate them to EML format. Moreover, it allows to maintain the HTML formatting, inline image, and folder structure after performing the conversion process. The software to export MBOX files to EML is designed in a way that it provides an easy migration of MBOX emails to EML. Moreover, it does not require any extra installation to perform the migration.