SecuraSoft Mac MBOX to HTML Converter

SecuraSoft MBOX to HTML converter permits users to export MBOX into HTML. It is a standalone utility, does not require supportive application installation for the execution. The software is capable of supporting a MBOX file of 10 + email clients for the conversion.

  • Convert MBOX to HTML in bulk mode, all in one go
  • Supports files having .mbox, .mbx, etc., extension
  • Keep the Inline image intact in email message body
  • Compatible with Mac OSX 10.10 and all later versions
  • Provide option to filter emails to be saved in .html
  • Customize output HTML file name in desired manner
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Astonishing Features of MBOX to HTML Converter Software

convert mbox to html

Convert MBOX to HTML Format

Users can smoothly export multiple MBOX files to HTML just in 3-steps. Without any efforts, an individual can save messages of .mbox file in web page extension. There is no file size / numbers limitation imposed in this tool.

preserve message property

Holds Message Technical Properties

An email comprises of many technical attributes within it. It is having properties like Cc, To, Bcc, and other header information. The tool ensures that conversion will be processed without any data alteration.

add mbox file

Two Options to Add MBOX Files

At the time of launching file, following two options will be encountered by a person to browse files:
1.Add File: To browse a single or multiple files in one-by-one scenario
2.Add Folder: Collectively add MBOX files in bulk by just adding a folder

html formatting

MBOX to HTML with Formatting

Emails of browsed MBOX files will be extracted by this software for the conversion. The resultant generated is going to be in multiple number of files. It means that one HTML file will be created for representing one MBOX email.

email filter

Option for MBOX Emails Filtering

MBOX to HTML file converter offers a smart option to filter email messages. Users just need to mention a specific time duration i.e., From to To date. Tool will save only those emails whose time lies between mentioned period.

preserve message property

Supports Mac OS

This Software Supports Mac OSX 10.10 & 10.11 version. So MBOX file created as the mentioned Operating System which also supported for same.

Email Clients For MBOX to HTML File Format

apple mail to html

Apple Mail to HTML Converter

Apple Mail to HTML Converter tool is professional solution to save all the messages in the recent email database into standard format. This function is included into almost all email clients. It is necessary to perform this software in terms of efficiency and cost effectiveness.

eudora mail to html

Migrate Eudora Mails to HTML

Software easily allows multiple Eudora emails at a time so as to save time & money of their users in Eufora to HTML Conversion. This software is capable of doing conversion from Eudora emails into HTML file format and also perform the bulk conversion of multiple mbx file.

thunderbird mail to hrtml

Convert Thunderbird to HTML

Thunderbird to HTML Converter software saves emails into HTML format. You can also convert all required emails into single document. The Tool is time saving way to convert Thunderbird mails to HTML format also Convert any number of emails to HTML in one single click.

entourage to html

Entourage to HTML

Entourage to HTML is developed with an advanced option who want to export their emails from Entourage to HTML designed specially to provide the smoothest conversion of your mailboxes. This Tool maintains complete data integrity of emails and save entire files into HTML format.

Screenshots Presentation of Mac MBOX to HTML

Understand the complete Procedure for conversion Of MBOX files to HTML

Live Presentation Via Video Of Mac MBOX to HTML

Watch Online Video of MBOX mailboxes to HTML Converter Tool

Client Reviews Of MBOX to HTML Converter

A Technical Overview on Mac MBOX to HTML Converter Tool

MBOX: A MBOX file is the type of email message for a text file. The purpose of this file is to store and organize emails in a systematic manner. It is most common file format that stores messages locally on machine where email program is installed. Entire messages of each mailbox are stored as an individual, long, and text file in for a string. This string comprises of concatenated emails, starting with From message header. Email applications like Thunderbird, Eudora, Apple Mail, etc., creates .mbox file to save messages on PC.

HTML:The term HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. This type of file format is used as the basis of a web page. The file gets easily opened with all web browsers available in the online market.

Need of MBOX to HTML Conversion

At any instant of time, need for saving MBOX emails in HTML file format can arise. Thus, it is important to be aware from an accurate solution to convert MBOX to HTML. It is hard to export bulk emails in HTML manually on Mac platform. To overcome this difficulty here, we have come up with a smart software to transfer files in HTML format.

Mac MBOX to HTML Converter profits users with several features for exporting files. The major product features are described below:

  • Save messages from MBOX file to HTML in bulk
  • Multiple options to save file in desired pattern
  • Export MBOX to HTML in an independent way
  • No technical skills are required to work with this tool