SecuraSoft MBOX to NSF Converter

MBOX to Lotus Notes Converter is a one-stop solution for converting more than twenty email clients with MBOX format to Lotus Notes format. It is an efficient and professional tool to Convert MBOX files to NSF format. This is the best way to export MBOX mailbox to Lotus Notes NSF format with attachments.

  • Used to migrate MBOX files to NSF format
  • Maintain integrity structure of folder for MBOX to NSF Converter
  • Convert MBOX file emails along with attachments easily
  • Option to give different names to exported mailbox items
  • Supports all versions of Windows including Windows 8

Windows 10 support

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All MBOX Clients

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Main Features of MBOX to NSF Converter Tool

add multiple folders

Added Feature for viewing multiple folders

MBOX file to Lotus Notes migration tool can allow preview contents of all the mailbox items in a single interface. This a Windows Explorer-like pane that allows users to view mailbox data like emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, journals etc. They can view the contents and convert only those files that are needed.

transfer mbox email

Transfer Multiple MBOX email Files In Bulk

MBOX to Lotus Notes conversion tool can migrate multiple mailbox emails in one go. One can just upload ad scan the mailbox data to the software and start the transferring process. It is a reliable and relevant tool that export emails with their attachments. No email header details or formatting is effected after the migration process is over.

selective email file or folder

Selectively Export Email Files And Folders

The MBOX emails to NSF Migrator have added functionality of choosing between two different modes for scanning a MBOX file. Users can opt to migrate one MBOX file at a time or batch transfer files to Lotus Notes application. To select a single file just right-click on it and click Export. To transfer multiple MBOX files just tick the checkbox next to the folder containing these files.

naming convention

Option to give different Naming conversion

One can choose to create different names for the files that have been migrated. These names can further simplify the process of identifying the emails based on a date filter. Apply a ‘to’ and ‘from’ date to export limited mailbox items. This will save a lot of time and effort for the administrator. One can give a different name to each conversion performed.

automatic detection of email client

Automatic detection of client mailbox data

MBOX emails to NSF conversion software have very many features and functionality. One of the most prominent is the auto detection of MBOX files within a system. As soon as the software is launched, it started the file explorer. This is to identify the email clients available on the system that use MBOX file for storage. Having done that a list of all the email client is presented to the user for selection.

repair & recover mailbox item

Repair and Recover Mailbox Items Effortlessly

Often the MBOX files are old and are often found in a most corrupt and incoherent manner. Sometimes it is even difficult to view those files even with the appropriate desktop based email client installed. In such cases, MBOX email to Lotus Notes Converter is a relevant solution. It not only reads a corrupt data in a mailbox but also repairs it before migration. One can choose to recover lost or deleted emails by mistake using this utility tool.

save conversion report

Save the Conversion Report in CSV or HTML

A progress report is generated after the migration process is completed. It contains useful information like the number of files exported, number count etc. This file can be saved in both HTML and CSV file format. This file becomes essential when exporting almost 2TB of data at a time. One can refer to each conversion report for future reference.

lotus notes installation

Lotus Notes Installation Required

Lotus Notes installation is required for using Export MBOX files to Lotus Notes NSF. Lotus Notes Installation is essential for converting emails from MBOX format to NSF file format. However, a Lotus Notes installation is essential to view the files that have been converted. This software works with all versions of Windows 8 and below.

Various Email Clients For MBOX to NSF

apple mail to pdf

Apple Mail to MSG Converter

Mac Mail to Lotus Notes converter Software allows users to convert Apple mail files to Notes format. To check the availability of accessing mac OSX file database into NSF file format of Lotus Notes Mail Client. This utility is completely windows based and supports all Lotus Notes version.

eudora mail to msg file

Thunderbird to Lotus Notes Converter

Mozilla Thunderbird to NSF Converter has the ability to convert entire Thunderbird mailboxes to Lotus Notes file format. It is an advanced solution which instantly export mailboxes data items from emails, drafts, notes, calendars etc into NSF file format.

thunderbird mail to msg

Entourage to NSF File Converter

Entourage to NSF Converter tool to migrate complete data from Entourage mailboxes to NSF file format. This software can be installed on all versions of Windows Platform 2010, 2008, 2007, vista, XP and 2000.

entourage to msg

Migrate Spice bird to NSF

Spicebird to NSF Converter tool helps to convert multiple spicebird files into Lotus Notes format. Software maintains meta data information and formatting of Spicebird file. Software is absolutely safe & secure to perfectly import Spicebird emails to Lotus Notes.

Screenshots Presentation to Export MBOX files to Lotus Notes

Understand the complete Procedure for conversion of MBOX files to NSF

Live Presentation Via Video Of MBOX Files to NSF

Watch Online Video of MBOX Mailboxes to NSF Converter Tool

Client Reviews

Technical Overview to Convert MBOX Emails to NSF

What are MBOX Files?

MBOX is the desktop-based mail client file format. Basically, this file format is used by multiple clients such as Eudora, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, and much more for organizing and saving emails in database. Ever since it is known as Mailbox, which can save each mailbox under one single or large file and such files can be opened by using the editors.

MBOX is a kind of file storage facility to store mailbox items on a local computer. It is used by more than twenty desktop based email clients. It is short for MailBOX and saves data in a text file. This text file has the extension ‘.mbx’ or ‘.MBOX’. Sometimes these files are without an extension. It is a very common format for saving email messages in a text file. The text file is a long concatenated string of emails beginning with the “from” header.

What are NSF Files?

Any important mailbox data of IBM Lotus Notes are stored in a Notes Storage Facility(NSF). It is a database file with the extension ‘.nsf’. It stores data in document units called ‘notes’ that store email and calendar information. These are hosted by Domino Server and can be downloaded easily to view offline. Any edits made to this file will be directly reflected on the Domino server mailbox.

Why Export MBOX files to Lotus Notes NSF format?

Earlier MBOX format was very popular with email clients like Thunderbird, Apple Mail. Almost all of the email clients used this file format for data storage. It became easier to migrate from one email client to another as the mailbox database file was the same. However, with changing times there has been an advancement in technology. A lot of email clients have their own separate storage format and many additional features. Many seem to be moving to a more professional IBM Lotus Notes for all their business communication. In such cases using a MBOX emails to Notes conversion is a must. Hence, here the most promising MBOX to NSF converter tool has been discussed.