SecuraSoft Thunderbird Import Wizard


SecuraSoft™ Mozilla Thunderbird Import Wizard is designed to import .mbox files to Mozilla Thunderbird in bulk. Also, it renders the users with the facility to import EML and Maildir files into the desired Thunderbird Profiles. The best part of this application is that no file size restrictions are imposed on the software while import MBOX files to Mozilla Thunderbird. Moreover, this utility supports to import selective MBOX files to Thunderbird after an installation of Thunderbird. It is compatible with all Windows version including 10,8,8.1,7.

  • Import any number of MBOX files to Mozilla Thunderbird in bulk
  • Move and open multiple EML and Maildir files without data loss
  • Retains On-Disk Folder Hierarchy when importing .mbox data
  • Tool Offers Dual importing modes such as Select Folders & Files
  • Installation of Thunderbird is mandatory during import process
  • Mail account must be configured in Thunderbird for importing
  • Allows to Perform Import procedure without any file size limit
  • Demo Version of Tool only import 25 items per folder into Thunderbird

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Main Features of Mozilla Thunderbird Import Wizard

move multiple mbox file

Transfer Batch Messages from MBOX

Mozilla Thunderbird Import Wizard allows the users to import one or more messages from MBOX file to Thunderbird mail client. This option provides an ease to all users by importing multiple .mbox files at once. It enables to save crucial time by Importing MBOX data in Thunderbird email program within few clicks. The Add File option in the Software Interface that permits the users to add many MBOX files simultaneously.

import mbox file

Facility to Import MBOX Files or Folder

This application is programmed in such a way that offers two options to view or add multiple MBOX files to Thunderbird. Users can choose any option according to their choice:

a) Select Files: It allows the users to Import MBOX file in Thunderbird one after another multiple MBOX files into Mozilla Thunderbird.

b) Select Folders: It enables to import the bulk of .mbox files in Thunderbird mail client at a time.

eml import

Batch Import Multiple EML Files

Along with MBOX file, users now can import bulk number of EML files into Thunderbird using this Thunderbird Importer software. Users can store all the EML files in a single folder and then use Add Folder option of the tool to add all the EML files into the software at one go. The utility supports EML files generated by any email clients on both Windows OS and Mac OS including Thunderbird, Apple Mail, IncrediMail, Windows Mail, etc.

import maildir file

Open Maildir in Mozilla Thunderbird

Thunderbird Import Wizard also provides an option to import Maildir file in Thunderbird in its latest version. Users can easily import Maildir files generated in any version of Thunderbird using the same method of importing the MBOX files. The software retains the original folder structure of the file even after importing the files in TB. Applying date filter is also possible for selective import during Maildir migration.

mailtain folder hierarchy

Maintains On-Disk Folder Hierarchy

The utility preserves the folder structure while importing all files from MBOX to Thunderbird. It will maintain the complete hierarchy for a specific folder within the .mbox files that could be imported in Thunderbird. It also supports to import several Folders inside the MBOX file and retains the file structure in an original format at the same duration. It will also support the SBD folder, which includes MBOX data items.

import mbox file into desired email

Import MBOX into Any Mail Accounts

Mozilla Thunderbird Import Wizard provides an advanced functionality to Import MBOX file in Thunderbird not only in a default configured profile, but the users can Import multiple MBOX files into the desired email profile configured in Thunderbird. With Thunderbird Import Wizard, the users are able to make it user-friendly that provides an ease for all the users.

select date based filter

Date-based Filter for Selective Import

As the MBOX file may become very large in size and most of the users want to Import some selected email messages from it. After that, the users can apply the date-wise filter and only import necessary data from MBOX file. For this, the users have to specify the particular date and then, Mozilla Thunderbird Importer tool will include only selected emails that lie within a specified date range.

mailnatin mbox data integrity

Maintains MBOX Data Integrity

Import MBOX Files to Mozilla Thunderbird is designed in such a manner that, it will not affect the integrity of data integrity while importing .mbox emails to Mozilla Thunderbird. The email property including its header, body, attachments, formatting and other attributes remains unchanged to the multiple Thunderbird profiles.

Thunderbird Import Wizard Video

Online Video to represent the working Process of Software

Screenshots Presentation Of Thunderbird Import Wizard


Technical Overview of the Product

Mostly users come across various issues when they need to migrate their files from one platform to another one. It is getting very difficult for all the users to import selective .mbox data to Mozilla Thunderbird. That's why our experts have designed Mozilla Thunderbird Import Wizard that helps to satisfy all users need with the most attractive features. Due to its functionality that makes it unique among all these types of products around the globe. It is a stand-alone utility that does not require any other platform instead of Thunderbird mail client to perform the import process.

In addition, the users can freely apply the date filter to all files for importing MBOX data to Mozilla Thunderbird. Apart from all such features, the software has a reliability to solve all hard problems related to the .mbox file conversion. Import MBOX Files to Mozilla Thunderbird enables to generate an instant preview of the data conversion process. Through which, the users can view, read and open .mbox files easily. It also maintains the folder hierarchy of each file without losing a bit of data while importing MBOX files to Thunderbird. Even the software without compromising the data quality.