SecuraSoft NSF Split


SecuraSoft™ NSF Split Software is innovative idea designed to reduce NSF file size or split lotus notes database into smaller parts. Tool to split NSF file will makes you able to divide the Lotus Notes Mailbox as well as Contacts into desired size limit without any data loss.

  • Split Lotus Notes database or archive file into Multiple NSF files
  • Let you offer to divide NSF file on the basis of Size, Folder & Year
  • Permits user to Split Mailbox files, Contacts files and Archive Files
  • Proficiently break password encrypted Lotus Notes Emails or NSF files
  • Demoware NSF Split Software allows user to break first 50 emails

Windows 10 support

Lotus Notes 9

MS Outlook 2016

100% Safe & Secure

Exclusive Properties of NSF Split Software


Split Lotus Notes Database

The tool to reduce NSF file size will split entire Lotus Notes data items like files of Emails, Contacts and Archive into Multiple files of desired size. The NSF Split tool will also offer you to break the Domino Server data files without any harm.


3 Ways to Split NSF Files

NSF Split Software is smartly designed tool facilitate with 3 nifty options to break the large size Lotus Notes database. One may opt any of the given three choices- Split NSF File by Size, Split NSF File by Folder or Split NSF File by Year.


Split NSF File by Size

If your Lotus Notes database is of heavy size and you wanted to divide it according to file size then choose this option. Just specify the size limit of resultant NSF files from 5MB to 10GB and NSF Split Software will work accordingly.


Split NSF Folder Wise

This option can utilized in the situation where you need to split the Lotus Notes archive file Yearly wise. Once you choose this method to break the NSF files, NSF Split tool will automatically create a single NSF file for each year.


Split Lotus Notes NSF by Year

The software is easily split your NSF database according to year & create Lotus Notes file for every year. If any person selected year range of 2010-2015 then six NSF files will be created which contains the data between the predefined year.


Break the Password Protected File

Yes with this exclusively designed software one can break the password protected NSF file easily. It automatically detects the encrypted NSF Files and ask you to fill the credentials. Once entered the password software will split the NSF file.


Sustain Integrity of Database

NSF Split Software helps user to reduce Lotus Notes NSF file size and divide Lotus Notes archive into multiple parts without making any changes to the prior database. Each dataset of NSF file after broken will remain as it is.


Log Report of Division

While Software Split Lotus Notes database into smaller parts at the same time software will preparing the status or log report. One can save this status report available in CSV file format for further use.

Take a Look to the Live Video of NSF Split Software

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Screenshots Presentation

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Technical Overview of Product

The NSF Split Software is exclusively designed software to reduce the Lotus Notes NSF file size as per your requirement. Software is new to the market and designed to keep in mind the demands of the users. There are 3 options available to split Lotus Notes database file size, i.e. software will create the NSF files size wise, year wise and folder wise. Just Check in the desired choice and specify the limits and you get the result consequently. Tool to split NSF file will cover mailbox file (nsf file) Contacts file (names.nsf) and Archive file (archive.nsf) without making any difference to the original database.

Benefits of NSF Split

  • Preserve the email meta attributes while splitting .
  • Break password protected Lotus Notes Emails or NSF files .
  • Split NSF file on the basis of Size, Folder & Year .
  • User can split Mailbox file, contact file,archive without any data loss.
  • Save converted EML File according to user specified Location.