Online Conversion Steps

Conversion with Screenshots

Follow the Steps of Conversion with screenshots

  • For the conversion, choose the first option and click on Next button.

    Convert NSF Database
  • In the next screen click on Add Files/Folders from the source location and click on Next button

    Locate the File
  • Now the main screen of software will comes up in which you can select categories of Lotus items, Apply filters, Exclude folders etc. and click on Export button.

    Main Screen of Software
  • As you click on the Export button a small window (Browse for Folder) will pop up in which you have to specify the path to save output of NSF files and click on Ok button.

    Location to save file
  • Now a screen with the status report comes up, which shows you all the details of each Lotus Notes Items like Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Task & Journals simultaneously. Click Ok to proceed further.

    current Status Report
  • A screen with the final report will be seen like below mention pic says you can save that report as a CSV File by click on Export button.

    Status Report of Conversion

Process of Conversion

Follow the Steps of Conversion with screenshots

  • For Further Conversion Process, Choose the second option as given in the screenshots

    Convert NSF Database
  • Fill the credentials of Domino Server to like Server Name & Password and click on Logon

    Login to Domino
  • Wait for some time as the process of connection will take some time.

    domino server connection
  • Once the Domino Server get connected list of available mailboxes will be displayed.

    NSF mailboxes
  • Check in the particular mailbox and click on Next Button.

    Display of Mailboxes
  • Now you have to fill the credentials of Office 365. Enter your Login Id & Password and then click on Next Button

    Credentials of Office 365
  • Now Select the Criteria of conversion and apply Filters and other properties by check in the option and then click on Export Button.

    Advance Properties of Software
  • Define the location where you want to locate the output of converted NSF file and then select Ok.

    destination location
  • In the next screen status report of conversion will be shown in the Status Report. Click Export to save as CSV file.

    Status Report of Conversion