Product Guide

Sequential Method of Conversion

Following are the simple steps of complete conversion process that how software works and know the performance and functionality of software

  • Installed the program and launch the software from start menu button.

    olm to pst

  • Click on Add file button to load the OLM file into software for conversion.

    add olm file

  • Browse the destination file location of saved OLM file after clicking on Browse Button.

    browse olm file

  • Browse OLM files into source location and then click on Open Button.

    open olm file

  • Click on Add file button in dailog box

    add file

  • After locating the OLM file software start scanning the data items available in selected file and shown the current detail related to the file.

    scanning process

  • If you wants to save scanned results then click on Yes

    save scan result

  • After the completion of scanning process you can show preview emails in the normal mail view tab.

    normal mail view

  • By clicking on Attachment tab you can preview the attached emails.

    attachment view

  • you can switch screen from horizontal view to vertical view.

    horizontal vertical view

  • In next step select the desired mail for conversion and click on export button.

    export olm

  • If you have large sized OLM file then software offers different export option to split large of file into small PST.

    export option

  • If you want to export EML or MSG files then you can apply Naming Convention option to name the output files as possible.

    naming convention

  • Select the destination location and click on Export Button to start the conversion process.

    start export process

  • Now report will be generate including all the details as folder, item count and destination folder details.

    exporting process

  • A message box will be pop up with the process of successfully completion. Click on OK to continue process.

    export process complete

  • After the completion of export process user can save export report by clicking on save button. which displayed on screen.

    save export report

  • To save the export report click the name of file and then save it.

    csv report

  • Export report destination is displayed on the screen then click on OK button for further process.

    location of saved export report

  • If you wish to export selected folder then click on Export option from the navigation bar.

    export selected folder

  • Now the given below screen follow all these steps:

    Select folder: first step is select folder that you want to exported

    Export As: Choose the option to export from PST, EML, MSG format

    Split PST file: To reduce the PST file size by applying this option

    Naming Convention: For the emails to be exported apply naming convention option

    Browse Destination location: To save Exported files browse the destination location

    export option

  • In this screen shows the file size of the option to be exported.

    exporting process start

  • Now save the export report into CSV format by clicking on save button.

    save export report

  • Now the location of export report is displayed on the system and then click on OK button.

    save export report location

  • Save the PST files into desired location. So that you can open PST files in MS Outlook.

    preview pst

  • Now select the location where you wants to save PST files and also verify all the exported Outlook file.

    open outlook data file

  • At the end preview the selected PST file data in Outlook.

    view pst in outlook