SecuraSoft OST Splitter

SecuraSoft™ OST Splitter tool one of the best approaches to divide the Outlook OST files to smaller fractions, so that it becomes easy for the users to preview the files. Moreover, it even allows the users to split the OST files by applying filters like Date, Size, Year, or Folder.

  • Truncate the oversized Outlook OST file in parts by Date, Size, Year, Folder, Email ID, Category
  • Restores the Corrupted MS Outlook OST files before dividing it in fractions
  • Renders an option to split OST into UNICODE PST without file size limitations
  • Permits the dividing of newly created Outlook OST files and archive OST files
  • Provides users with break OST data items- Emails, address books, etc option
  • Not Requires Microsoft Outlook Environment for dividing the large sized OST files
  • Add OST file, folder and search Outlook OST file from system drives

Windows 10 Support

MS Outlook 2019

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Prominent Features of OST Splitter Tool

divide outlook ost file

Divide Large Outlook OST File

MS Outlook OST Splitter allows user to split .ost file having any size to many smaller fractions. Using the utility, it is possible to truncate the UNICODE as well as ANSI OST files without any data loss. In addition to it, the application keeps all Meta properties like To, Cc, Bcc, etc., intact after completion of process.

break ost file

Break Outlook OST Files as Folder

The program provides users an option where they can split OST files on folder basis. Users can easily create multiple .ost files to Outlook 2010 & 2013 editions. OST splitter software permits with creation of a single file for desired folders available in OST files. It even divides a specific particular by size. Users can even split the archive OST files.

split ost file by size

Permits Splitting of OST File By Size

Using the software, user can split oversized OST files to multiple parts, through same size for every file. The OST splitter application splits Outlook files into multiple segments accordingly file size range between 5MB to 10GB. OST Splitter tool does not support the splitting OST files which are corrupted due to large size.

split ost file by year

Truncate the Large OST File by Year

If a user aspires to break OST file by year then, utility provides an option to split OST by year for dividing OST data annually. The tool even creates separate OST files on basis of year. For instance, if user opts from 2017 to 2020 year, in that case, the tool provides 4 OST data files. Each file contains data of single year.

split ost file by date

Offers Option to Split OST Data By Date

With the help of tool, users are capable to divide OST data files by date. OST splitter tool allows the user to decide specific date and truncates Outlook .ost file in two parts. One file comprises of the items 'of and prior' to a defined date and the other file includes data ‘after’ a specific date.

save ost file

Store OST File to a New Folder after Splitting

OST Splitter allows users to break oversized .ost data in smaller fractions without original structure being affected of source data file. After splitting the files, software creates a new folder for saving files in customized manner. CSV files are even saved to similar location.

Software Presentation Via Video About OST Splitter

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Technical Overview of the Product

OST Files: When one uses MS Exchange account, all emails, calendars, and other material is delivered and saved on the server. One can even configure MS Outlook to make and save replica of data on system in OST file. While doing this one is subjected to use Cache Exchange Mode in offline mode. The .ost files are always sync with Exchange computer when a connection is available.

Offline folders are basically the copy of files found in mailbox on system that are having MS Exchange. It becomes easy to take folder from the location present on the server, work with matter of file when not connected to network. The moment one is connected again, update file and its respective server folder to make the matter look alike. It is termed as synchronizing files and folders.

Why the OST Splitter Tool is Vital?

  • The OST Splitter tool works around every complicate situation like dividing the OST files by date, year, size etc.
  • It even renders the users with options to store the OST files to any new location after splitting into fractions.
  • Sometimes, Split Oversized OST files get corrupted and it becomes difficult to repair them. OST Splitter tool even repairs the corrupted OST files.
  • OST file in Outlook provides the users with options to divide OST files to UNICODE PST files without any file size limitations imposed on it.