Procedure of Working

Steps of Conversion Procedure

  • The first step that the application performs is that it checks for pre-requisites. Please make sure that all pre-requisites installed on the system. The required applications are MS outlook and IBM Notes.

    Convert NSF Database

  • Just Click on "Export" button to initiate conversion process.

    outlook to notes converter

  • Click Browse button to select the desired PST file for conversion.

    select pst file

  • As you click on Browse button a window will be open, choose the PST file and then click on Open button.

    open pst file

  • Once the file is loaded to the software, click on Next button to proceed further.

    location of selected pst file

  • Now main screen of conversion process will be arrive as seen below. Choose the category of Outlook items or select all.

    select cagegories

  • As user Proceed for the next step he can apply different types of Filter to exclude data. First is Email Filter, it is used to remove the unwanted mails from conversion. Just define the time interval from which you want to include the Outlook mails in migration.

    email filters

  • Second is Calendar filter, used to eliminate useless calendar entries. Working of calendar filter is same as Email Filter.

    calendar filter

  • Now come to last category of Filter i.e. Task Filter used to avoid unusable data from conversion process. It is also same as above mention Filters.

    task filter

  • Once the data is ready to convert in NSF file now define the location to save the converted output.

    browse destination location

  • Once all the properties of tool are applied, click on Export button to let the software start the conversion process.

    export option

  • Status Report of conversion process will display on the screen like below mention pic says.

    status report

  • Once the migration process will end up a message box will pop to alert you. Click on Ok button and take exit from the software.

    conversion process completed