Step by Step Conversion with Screenshots

Online Conversion Steps

Follow the Steps of Conversion with screenshots

  • Run the Software and install it into your system.

  • Now Click on the Add file or Add Folder Button.

  • Click on Open Button to navigate the required file.

  • Once File has been added, will show the MBOX file that you imported within software click on Next Button.

  • In the Next screen you can show the office 365 radio button which is automatically selected.

  • Now Select the Radio Button With impersonation and also fill the credentials, click on login button

  • Validate the admin account.

  • Once admin account validate, provide mailbox id as given below.

  • Now validate mailbox id as shown below.

  • Now you have the option to specify the filter for importing data to click on Apply Filter button and also click on Set button

  • Select on date filter acoording to data is to be imported.

  • Click on Export Button to get started the export process

  • Software will start to export MBOX file as shown below .

  • Now Migration process complete successfully.

  • Once the import process complete you can easily save the report which contain the information: Number of information and size duration & status. Click on save report option.

  • Now select the location where you want to save the export report.

  • Export report will be saved successfully as following screen.

  • Open the CSV to view the export report as shown beow:

  • Finally you can view the imported data.