How to Fix Attachments Open Delay in Outlook : Ways Given By Professionals

admin | August 28th, 2017 | MS Outlook

Are you facing a problem where email attachments open slow in Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, or below versions??
Here is a solution for fixing the error related to same. So, let’s begin!

Whenever a Microsoft user tries to open message attachments of Outlook or tries to save them, he/she experiences the slow performance of Outlook. Instead of opening attachments instantly, clients experience a short time duration delay in the majority of cases. This the reason why we have decided to deliver solutions on ‘How to ‘fix attachments open delay in Outlook’’ problem.

Additional Trick: – Before going deep in fixing this issue, first Convert OST to PST format and save resultant file as backup and ensure zero data loss.

Why This Delay?

Before learning the solutions of the problem, one has to learn the reasons behind error occurrence. Well, the attachments opening procedure slows down because of the following reasons:

  • Presence of corruption in dynamic data exchange
  • Attachments analysis by system Antivirus program
  • Major updates in Outlook can degrade its working
  • Corruption in MS Outlook profile or configuration files

All the provided reasons for problem cause slow down the performance of Outlook, majorly while opening Outlook attachments. It can also crash all attachments of the email and hence, generate a serious problem for end users. These causes can restrict one from viewing attachments. At the end of the day, all these situations are going to make customers frustrated and thus, a reason for switching the mailing platform.

Ways To Fix Attachments Open Slow In Outlook

Solution 1: Create a New Outlook Profile
If the reason of the error is damage in existing Outlook profile then, follow these steps to solve it :
1. Delete the existing Outlook profile and proceed further
2. Go to Start >> Control Panel >> Mail option
3. Select Show Profile and then click on Add button
4. From the current wizard, create a new Outlook profile
5. At last, click on OK to finish the ongoing procedure
Tip: Eliminate all unnecessary add-ons of Outlook if in case the problem is caused due to presence of any add-on

Solution 2: Deactivate Dynamic Data Exchange
If the reason of ‘attachments opens slow in Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010’ error is activation of DDE then, follow the steps provided below :
1. Go to Start button of Windows and open Control Panel from the screen
2. Click on Folder option >> File Types >> Select the attachment file type and then on Advanced
3. Now hit on Open Action button and choose Edit
4. Look for DDE option and disable it
5. Click on OK button to update all the changes and close the current wizard
6. Restart Microsoft Outlook to confirm all the made changes

Solution 3: Utilize Microsoft Provided Free Repairing Tools
The absence of IMAP mailboxes might be the reason of the error. Therefore, you need to verify that you have completely downloaded IMAP mailboxes for avoiding errors in the future.
An antivirus application must be installed on the system, which is friendly with Outlook.
Safe Tip: Sometimes deactivating antivirus protection settings also makes MS Outlook program executable in a smooth way. Without any delay, you will be able to open Outlook attachments.

Are The Provided Ways Worth??

Well, the suggested manual approaches require identification of the cause because of which the error occurs. This cause recognition process is difficult for a novice user or even for a person who is not very well aware from Outlook. Apart from all this, it is not guaranteed that solutions will fix ‘attachments open slow in Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010’ problem.
Now, what to do?? Don’t worry here is the solution recommended by many enterprise users.

Professionals Solution

This workaround involves repairing of OST file with a well-known tool i.e., migrate OST file to PST  format using software. It is having few commendable options, which will definitely fix the problem faced by Outlook users. The product does not require any supportive application for its working thus, an effective approach to resolve the issue.

Let’s Wrap Up

Different ways on ‘how to fix attachments open delay in Outlook’ issue is discussed in this blog. The solutions provided to you are described with both their pros and cons. So, it is totally your choice which one you want to opt for.