Online Conversion Steps

Simple Working Procerdure

Follow the Steps of Conversion with screenshots

  • Run the Application and click on Add file option.

    add exchange files

  • you can preview all files and folders in the mailboxes of Exchange files

    preview of mailboxes

  • Now Click on Export Button to Export EDB files. Then a dailog box will appear ten click on radio button which is EML and apply advance settings to Export the EDB files. Then click on Export Button.

    export exchange files

  • After clicking on EML file go to advance setting option

    choose eml file

  • Configure EML Settings

  • Naming Convention option: It Provide different Conventions: DD:MM:YYYY, MM:DD:YYYY and YYYY:MM:DD

  • Apply Date filter & Time Filter: It allows Date filter & Time filter to fix specific period of date & time within mailboxes.

    Next Click on Save button to save the file

    eml setting

  • A Screen will appear click on OK Button

    save settings

  • Now Browse the location where you want to save EML file

    click on browse

  • You can navigate the desired location. Now you have to create New Folder. Click on OK Button.

    create new folder

  • Now you can see the desired path of desired then click on Export Button

    destination path

  • Now Start the Export Process that will show all the details with number of items and destination path

    items & destination path

  • After completion of Export Process now click on OK button

    export success

  • A Report will generated which will show all the details of exported mails with success count and fail count. Then save the number of success counts.

    show success count

  • Check the location of exported files. Click on Save button to save the export report as csv

    save export report

  • Now select the destination location to find the Export Report and save it into CSV file format. Click on save button

    save export

  • Now a given below screen will show the destination of file path. Click on OK button.

    click on ok

  • You can navigate the CSV file navigation and access the file in MS Outlook to view the Export Report

    excel export report

  • At the end you can see the converted files in EML file format.

    eml files

Customized Woking Procedure

Follow the Steps of Conversion with screenshots

  • Run the application go to start and then Check the Prerequisites component status

  • Given below screen will show the user interface of the Software

  • Now Go to Add file option and select the files which you wants to be converted

    select add file
  • As given below screen there are two options are available which are:

    Select File

    Search File

    Select File:

    Choose Select File Option to browse the EDB file and then Click on Add Button.

    select file

    Select the desired EDB file then select it click on Open Button

    browse button

    User can easily see the file path of EDB files.

    file path

  • After that choose Search file option to search the files from the Drives to click on Search Button

    search file

  • A dialog box will open which shows the searched file then click on OK button

    search completed

    Show the list of files then click on Add Tab

    list of files

    Now you can see the list of files then click on Search Button

    selected drive

    Now a screen will appear which shows the status of searched file. Click on OK button.

    show the status of file

  • Now the Software provide the two modes for scanning Quick and Advance

  • Quick Scanning Mode: This Mode is useful for quick scanning mailboxes or folders from Exchange database

  • Advance Mode: If Quick Mode not working properly or it your exchange database is highly corrupted then use the advanced scan mode option. This mode is to designed for deep data recovery task. Software is advance scan on 64 bit OS.

    Click on Add Button to proceed further

    scan files

  • Now a window will appear which show the completed scanning message

    scanning process

  • The process of scanning is successfully completed. If you want to save the scan result then click on Yes Button.

    save and scan

  • You can take Preview of all the files and folders of mailboxes. In the Switch view given two options that is Horizontal & Vertical View. By default, the email data is displayed in Horizontal view.

    switch view

  • Continue to migrate entire mailboxes click on Export Button


  • You can also choose the particular emails then right click to select the Export option

    export selected files

  • Select EML Radio Button and Click on Advanced Setting Option

    choose eml

  • Configuration of EML Settings

  • Naming Convention: This Option Allow different conventions as like: DD-MM-YYYY

  • Apply date & time Filter: It Allows users to connect date & time filter to set the specific time & date

    Click on Save button to save the settings

    eml settings

  • Now box will appear and click on OK button.

    save settings

  • To save the converted EML files into desired place by Click on Browse Button


  • Now Navigate the desired location. The option is provided to make the new folder. Then Click on OK button.

    make new folder
  • Click on Export Button to see the path of destination location.

    save location

  • Now Export process will start and it will show the number of items with destination path.

    number of items

  • After the process will export it shows the success status. Click on OK Button.

    export success
  • Now Export report generated with the details of success and fail count. If you want to know the location of the file then click on number of success count of the specific file.

    deatils of success and fail count
  • Next you can see the desired location of exported file. Click on OK button to save the Export report at CSV format.

    save report
  • Now Browse the destination location of file and save the file by clicking on Save Button.

    save export
  • Now a Window will appear which shows the destination path of file then click on OK Button.

    show detination path
  • Now you can Navigate to the CSV file location and access the file into MS Excel to view the report.

    view report
  • At the End the process will done Successfully Now saved the converted file in EML format.

    eml files