SecuraSoft MBOX to PST Converter

SecuraSoft™ MBOX to PST Converter is complete standalone tool that helps the users to convert MBOX files to PST and let users to shift from MBOX file supported desktop mail clients to Windows platform. The tool supports the export of 10+ MBOX email clients to Outlook PST.

  • MBOX to PST file Converter transfer batch MBOX files to PST/EML/MSG/PDF/NSF
  • Support conversion of multiple MBOX file formats like; .mbox, .mbx etc.
  • Enables splitting of PST files while performing MBOX to Outlook PST Conversion
  • For MBOX to PST Conversion there is no MS Outlook installation required
  • Automatically find Customer data items with or without extension MBOX attached to it
  • MBOX mailboxes to PST format Converter tool is now available for Windows as well as MAC OS
  • Supports multiple Email Clients such as Apple Mail, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, PocoMail, Eudora, Entourage, Opera Mail, etc.

Windows 10 support


All MBOX Clients


MS Outlook 2016


100% Safe & Secure

Outstanding Features of MBOX To PST File Converter Tool

complete conversion of mbox files to pst

Convert MBOX Files to PST

MBOX to PST Converter for Windows is an advanced tool and allows you to convert all your MBOX emails to Outlook PST along with the attachments. You can convert the folders contained several MBOX files as it is either, to multiple PST files or can merge the files to single PST.
fatch location automatically

Automatically Detects Location

If the user has MBOX file within the system then, can load the file or if the location is not identifiable then, the auto detect feature of the MBOX file to PST Converter will help to find the file from the system. Remember MBOX client should be present.

support mbox clients

Export Selective Data Items

This feature provide the option to Export Selective Data folders. You can simply Check or Uncheck the emails or folders to perform this program. User can easily added the email items using to select this criteria like: To, CC, From, Date, Subject and Attachments.

split pst file

Splits Converted Outlook PST file

During the MBOX mailbox Items to PST conversion process, user can specify if the PST files needs a split. Then, output will be resulted accordingly. While convert MBOX files to PST, tool provide the split option that enables large PST files to multiple PST.

multiple naming option

Create Single or Multiple PST Files

When user starts the conversion from MBOX files to MS Outlook, you can provide the two ways for Output. Either you can ‘Create Single PST file per MBOX File’ or ‘Multiple PST file for all MBOX File’. This Tool Creates one PST file for every MBOX files.

supported gmail backup

Show the Meta Properties

The Software show all meta properties of the emails while converting the MBOX files. Users can easily manage their emails along with meta properties as like date, time, from etc. This Software facilitate easy and accurate data migration with mentioned into original meta properties.

Screenshots Presentation of MBOX Mailboxes to PST

Simple Screens to understand the working process and execution of product

Product Presentation Via Video About MBOX File Items to Outlook PST

Visualize the Software's Video to know exact process of MBOX to PST Conversion

In order MBOX to PST Converter for Mac is designed to convert MBOX file to MS Outlook format. It permits to export one or more MBOX files to PST file format associated with attachments. However, it provides unique feature to detect the email clients automatically with or without appending the MBOX data. This tool is highly designed for Mac Operating system only.

  • It allows Complete conversion from Mac MBOX to PST
  • Provide data integrity and naming convention.
  • No file & folder size limitation required
  • Maintained folder structure of email conversion
  • Software Compatible with Mac OS including MAC OS Yosemite version 10.10.4, Mac OS Sierra version 10.12.4 and below version
mac os

Mac Operating System


All MBOX Clients

customer support

Technical Support


100% Safe & Secure

Useful Features Of Mac MBOX to PST Converter

complete conversion of mbox files to pst

Mac MBOX to PST Converter

Software provide the option to convert multiple Mac MBOX files to PST file format. Automatically this tool provide the facility to export complete data from MBOX files to Outlook PST format.

fatch location automatically

Maintain Data Integrity

Mac MBOX to PST Converter maintain the complete formatting and integrity to various properties of the emails during the conversion from Mac MBOX emails to PST.

support mbox clients

Data Range Fiter

Using Data Range Filter Of Mac MBOX to PST Converter tool, user can quickly find and setup their emails as per the date and time which specified into the filter.

split pst file

Supports Mac OS

Mac MBOX to PST Software Supports new version of the Mac OS including MAC OS Yosemite version 10.10.4, Mac OS Sierra version 10.12.4 and later version. It can installed easily with the help of installation wizard.

important Screenshots about MBOX Files to Outlook For Mac

Step by Step Working Procedure and Understand the Process of Migration about MBOX Emails to Outlook PST file

Watch Live Video of Mac MBOX to PST Converter

Visualize the Software's Video to know exact process of MBOX file data into MS Outlook Conversion

MBOX to PST From Various Email Clients Given Below

apple mail to pst

Export Apple Mail to Outlook

Software Export all the mailboxes items from Apple Mail to PST file format. This application Perform with Complete migration process into structured format and properties of mailboxes folder. So user can export Apple Mail emails into PST file at a time.

entourage to outlook

Convert Entourage Mailbox to PST

Move Entire data items from Entourage mailboxes to Outlook PST files without any loss of original format. It Preserve primary content and hierarchy of folders and also subfolders at a time of conversion.

thunderbird to pst

Thunderbird Email to Outlook PST Migration

Export your Complete data from Thunderbird email to Outlook PST file format. This Tool perform flawless migration without any waste of time and money. This tool provide user to migrate Thunderbird to Outlook PST in batch.

eudora mail to pst

Eudora Emails to Outlook Converter

Eudora is an Email Client that supports both Windows & Mac Platform. Eudora mailboxes to PST Converter Software is provide user friendly tool that Safely & Securely converts email messages from Eudora into PST format.

opera mail to outlook

Opera Mail to PST Converter

The Opera mail to Outlook converter allows to export all MBS data from Opera mail to PST format. It provides emails along with attachments during conversion in an efficient way. Moreover, the application works perfectly.

netscape to pst file

Easily Convert Netscape To Outlook

This feature makes the migration process more easy, effective and error free for the clients to perform. Auto detect option provide to the first extracts from the main folders of Netscape Email mailboxes and then, a user would able to view and open each subfolder inside the main folders separately.

seamonkey to pst file

SeaMonkey to Outlook PST Migrator

The SeaMonkey to PST Migrator Provide the complete SeaMonkey data into Outlook without loosing any information. User need to select the SeaMonkey emails to export into Outlook PST file format. Also allows the automatically detect & load emails on the software screen by default.

spicebird to pst

Spicebird to Outlook Exporter

Spicebird to Outlook Software allow users to convert Spicebird mailboxes to Outlook PST file format without any supportive application. User does not need to load or browse files, so in this situation user need to directly select the option of Spicebird mail option and then continue with email migration.

the bat to outlook

The Bat to PST

This Software provides option for user to convert multiple The Bat! Mail files into a single PST file without any risk of data as the software retains the integrity of data as well. Software is compatible with all Windows as well as Mac OS.

pocomail to outlook pst

Export Pocomail to Outlook PST

Convert all mail folders from Pocomail to PST, first need to convert emails in Pocomail .mbox files into most popular MS Outlook. Through this Software, it is possible to migrate mails from Pocomail to MS Outlook quickly & easily.


Technical Overview of Product

MBOX is the commonly seen desktop client file format. Most of the clients such as, SeaMonkey, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Eudora, etc. support this format. MBOX file is also called as Mailbox since it stores the mails of each mailbox under one single, long file and the files can be opened using the editors.

PST files are the files of Windows Outlook mail client. It stores all the emails, contacts, journal, notes, etc. in organized manner. There are two types of files; ANSI and Unicode. The earlier versions of the Outlook supported ANSI, which is of 2GB, and later on, large data supported Unicode came into functioning.

Why MBOX Files Are Converted?

The market rating shows that many of the users are searching for MBOX to PST file converter tool. What might have made this rush? The main reason behind the conversion can be since the Outlook features has made many of the users to shift from their existing platform to Outlook. Since Outlook supports only PST, users will have to get converter tool to transfer the MBOX emails to Outlook. Consider, suppose the user recently changed the Mac OS to Windows then, to regain all the mails contained in the Apple Mail of Mac, there is a need to Export MBOX files to Outlook PST. Thus, from the mentioned scenarios it is clear for the status of MBOX Conversion and the tool.

The MBOX to PST converter performs the conversion strategy without making any changes to the data contained in the MBOX files. For the users who need to migrate from Thunderbird, Eudora, Apple Mail etc. to Outlook PST can go for this tool without any reluctance. The tool to convert MBOX files to PST is implemented in such a way that it facilitates an easy conversion of MBOX files to PST and does not require much technical knowledge to work with.